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Transformice Review

Posted on  Jun 26,2010  01:06 , by 


Okay, so a lot of you are probably wondering: what is Transformice? Well, here’s the answer. Transformice is a new browser-based pseudo-MMO that is set up more like the typical MMOFPS than it is an MMORPG. By this, I mean it’s room oriented, as well as match oriented. There’s not much persistent about it. However, the game can be addicting. Simple gameplay and charming graphics make it hard to hate.


Gameplay in Transformice consists of two things. As a mouse, you run around the gameplay area and try to work together with other mice and the shaman to get to the cheese and bring it back to your mouse hole. As a shaman, you try to help the mice get the cheese to the mouse hole by spawning objects that will work as bridges, towers to climb, and so forth. Simple controls and fast rounds make the game easy to get into and crazy action that allows for over 30 players per room helps make the game exciting. It also helps that there’s no cash shop, you just build up a cheese reserve over time that can be used to buy cosmetic items.

My only complaint is that since it runs on Flash, and allows for large amounts of players at once, the game can experience major lag spikes at times. Other than that, players don’t have much to work for in the game other than unlocking titles, which can be done in a relatively small amount of time with any amount of skill.

It could also be a complaint that, despite there being a large number of maps to play on, that there are a lot of repeats with very small changes. In some cases, the changes can make gameplay more exciting on a familiar map. In other cases, it just makes an otherwise simple level an unnecessary hassle.


The graphics in Transformice are charming. A mix of minimalism and cuteness make them hard to resist. Everyone will look the same for the most part, but the game definitely has its quirks, nonetheless.


This is a major detractor. The game has absolutely no sound in it at all. Sound could have added to the game with some charming music and/or simple things like a running sound or a squeaking sound. However, there’s none.


In my experience, the community annoyed me a bit. They annoyed me a bit not because of the stream of swear words, or because of any sort of “noobishness” that may have occurred, but because mostly all of them, including those who had played the levels several dozen times, refused to put any sort of teamwork into the levels. Even the levels where you were on a teetering platform and balance would be the only thing keeping it up, the players would just send it teetering even further.


The game works in a browser, is accessible, and easy to get into. Quick games and fast-paced gameplay make it easy to play casually, as well. With sound, some more variation, and a long term goal, the game could be a great way to spend lots of time in fast-paced gameplay. However, as it stands now, it’s just a game to play as a time-waster. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay anything to play.

Final Score: 6/10

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