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Zoomumba: Build your zoo in free online game with multiplayer mode

Posted on  Jan 26,2011  02:01 , by 


Zoomumba is a crazy zoo Management browser multiplayer online game and makes me crazy too my love for animal comes to life here where I cud built my own zoo and see it rising day by day.

I started playing Zoomumba with just 2500 pet-penny and 25 zoo dollars but now I have 267900 pet-penny and 800 zoo dollars. Building your own zoo is really fun. While entering the zoomumba world you’ll see a wagon and a green bar rising besides it and you’ll be driven in the wagon with gorillas, lions, penguins and all d animals to the crazy world of animal “Zoomumba“.

Initially the tutorial will guides you how you can increase the popularity of the zoo and attracts people to visit your zoo. You may invite your friends and share zoo stuffs with them too. Your friends can e a great help to you when u require animal stuffs to upgrade your zoo…

Shopping at zoo shop is really fun filled you’ll always find a new breed of animal waiting just for you. Each habitat is made exclusively for each animal and you have to make it beautiful in order to keep animals happy.

There is wide range of animals available and you’ll never have to go out at your city zoo as you can see more then that here at Zoomumba.

Till today I have 6 bisons,4 lions,2 hipo’s,4 giraffe’s,3 tigers,2 elephants,2 panda’s,2 reindeers, 1 wolf,2 crocodile and many more still waiting to be taken to my zoo. I love petting them always and the graphics this game is so good that sometimes you started living in it.

In browser game Zoomumba, the animal voices always fantasies and make it good and interesting for children too. It helped my kids to learn the name of animals and voices made by them. He always uses to sit beside me when I use to play zoomumba and name all the animals in their kid-dish voice. It feels good when u see learning is so much fun. Taking care of animals in zoo is exciting. The similes made above here habitat shows u there needs if the smiley is happy your animal is happy I your zoo and if the smiley is sad they definitely require food, medicines, bath or water.

My favorite moments in this game is raising small baby animals, they are really cute and adorable too. Zoo cleaning is a tough job and taking care of all the stuffs together in the zoo is tougher than that and this is reason why Jim, Doug, Sam, Zoey, Gus and Gorge is there for they help you assisting the zoo and would work round the clock just for six zoo dollars..Simply great!!!

The more you make zoo animals happy the more your zoo meter rises and more people would visit your zoo. This will increase your zoo bank income.

I’m in love with this game and couldn’t resist a single day seeing my zoo. My eaxperience of  free online game Zoomumba was outstanding and would love to see more coming soon…

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